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Shereen Wingo

I have practiced law in two continents. While there may be stark differences between the two legal systems (and there are), there are also some very glaring similarities.  All parties to a divorce are going through a grieving process, and yes, that also includes the person who has initiated the action.

I advise my clients to view a divorce as a chapter in their life.  All chapters, however wonderful, run their course and end. This ending may not be of our choosing, and it is that component of a divorce that makes for so much emotional pain.  Divorce, like many other things in life, is a journey.  My role is to accompany you on this journey and prepare you for the terrain that you will encounter before emerging a different person, ready for your next chapter in life.  Yes, there will be next chapter!

Most importantly however, before you begin your journey, you must know that your chosen attorney is the correct fit for you. This may not be quite the Cinderella and slipper story, but you get where I am going. Divorce is not a ‘one size fits all’ event.  I encourage you to speak to more than one attorney before making such an important decision.  The relationship between a client and their attorney is something quite sacrosanct and should never be entered into lightly without first finding out if the end goals, and the means of acquiring them, are shared by both parties.

The only way you can know if an attorney is right for you is to talk to them, yes, an old-fashioned conversation!  This should not be with their secretary, para-legal or assistant, but with them personally. You should not feel rushed, embarrassed, or made to feel that you are a mere appointment on a calendar. To emphasize the importance of this step, I offer a thorough initial consultation where you can address your concerns.  This session is, and always will be, free of charge.


I'm always looking for opportunities on how I can help you! Let's connect!

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