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The Practice

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I have been practicing Family Law for many years, both in the United Kingdom and here in the United States since 2009. This is a niche boutique law office that offers a very personalized approach to Divorce, Separation and Child Custody.  My office does not accept a high volume of cases, as I believe that doing so would lessen my ability to give you that ‘one on one’ approach that you so deserve. Your case will be handled by me personally from outset to completion, and there are no other administrative staff having access to your affairs.  I believe that Divorce need not be a litigious hate fest, and if you do hold the opinion that it should be, then my firm would not be the best choice for you. This does not mean that I shy away from Courtroom confrontations, far from it, I will be a warrior when needed, but my aim is to settle the matter in the least acrimonious and prompt manner possible.

Hardly anyone benefits from a long and drawn-out legal affair (except perhaps the attorneys), so your family should be spared that whenever possible. If I feel that there are aspects of your Divorce that you could handle yourself (thus saving you valuable time and money), I will gladly point that out.  In today’s streamlined world, there are many aspects to a Divorce that a client can handle without the help of an Attorney. While there are clients who need or simply prefer to retain my services for the entirety of their Divorce journey, there are others who opt to take a more ‘a la carte’ approach and only engage my office for what they need.

Let’s face it, we could all use a little help at times like these.  Therefore, I offer short telephone sessions to help you complete Court forms, offer advice on next steps after you have been served, or even address those problems that are keeping you awake at night. To this end, you can book a telephone session via my Calendly link at a time that suits your busy schedule.  In line with our practice, your first telephone session will always be free. Should you require an in-office visit, just call and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet and discuss your case in person.

I very much look forward to meeting you.


I'm always looking for opportunities on how I can help you! Let's connect!

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